Olympiad John Howard said "The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”

For over five years, Electric Pedals has been using the energy generated by people to power cinemas, music venues, radio stations, theatre productions, art installations and educational workshops. All of this without using a single battery. For us, human energy is not only a great way to generate electricity it's also an amazing way to promote sustainability, exercise and energy appreciation. We want local people to bring their bicycles to local events.  Connecting with people through cycling is a way to help translate their excitement into lifestyle change, i.e. the bicycle as a transportation choice. 

Our other goal is to help set up other organisations to do exactly what we do. We generally do this in the form of a workshop, building all of the equipment needed to allow these partner companies to run their own Bicycle Cinema whilst handing over our knowledge of maintaining equipment and the management of Bicycle Powered events. It's a great way for community groups to get started with Bicycle Power.

We design and build everything at our workshop in Peckham, London.

It all started at the Big Chill Festival in 2007. David Butcher who had been innovating pedal power for a very long time, came over from the United States to build a bicycle powered lantern tree. Eighteen bicycles set facing out in a big circle all around the base of this enormous oak tree. Each bicycle was connected to a lantern; simple lanterns of varying colour. As people got on and off the bicycles so the lanterns flickered on and off, their brightness reflecting the energy of the cyclist. a simple yet beautiful idea that Electric Pedals was born out of and we aim to continue to evolve with each revolution.