Event Hire: Small Bicycle Cinema

Fancy an intimate cinema experience in the venue of your choice?

Our Small Bicycle Cinema uses the energy from 2-4 adults and children pedalling to provide a cinematic performance for up to 150 people... anywhere! 

All the electricity for the performance is produced by the cyclists - there are no batteries. Therefore, not only can you have an intimate cinematic experience in an unusual venue, but what's more, Electric Pedals adds a further dimension, allowing the audience the real opportunity to be part of the entertainment as they power the show.


'Taxidermy Late', Horniman Museum

'Taxidermy Late', Horniman Museum

We supply:

  • 2-4x Adult & Children’s Bicycle Generators
  • Power Station
  • 700 lumen projector
  • 1200W PA system 
  • DVD Player
  • 2.3m wide screen
  • 1x technical support staff
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Film and film license (budget £0 to £150 plus VAT, depending on the film)
  • Event logistics, management, marketing etc.
  • Event marshals if required
  • Blackout tent / or indoor space / outdoor space (needs to be quite ambient with no direct daylight)

Terms and conditions: We cannot operate directly in rain due to sensitive equipment and the loss of friction preventing power generation. Please check sunset times for outdoor screenings, performances will ideally begin 30 minutes after sunset.

To discuss this further or to make a booking, please get in touch

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