Our A-Frame Generator is a compact, collapsible and super efficient generator. Originally designed to use with our Back Pack Cinema in some of the remotest parts of the world to show educational films, we now see schools and other organisations using these as a simple and compact way to generate power.


  • Compact and folding steel tube frame
  • Broken down for ease of transportation
  • Produces unregulated DC electricity
  • Provides a maximum of 250 watts
  • Average power output around 50-80 watts



  • Appliances: On it's own, ideal for low power appliances like laptops, music, lighting and phone charging
  • AC: Mains appliances can be powered when combined with our Mini Power Station
  • Battery Bank: Unregulated output can be used for charging a suitable battery or battery bank
  • Education: powering of devices with different power requirements can be felt immediately by the bike rider. Great for illustrating power demands and the energy required to power different devices
  • Schools: Perfect for a school classroom environment
  • Cinema: When used with our Back-Pack Cinema, it's the perfect kit to be taken to remote areas which have no electricity or access to fuel to power a generator
  • Theatre: These are great for touring Theatre productions 
  • NGO: Again for those living & working in remote areas these are ideal for communities who have no electricity or access to fuel to power a generator


  • Weight: 9.5kg. Packs down to roughly 63cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • IP54 Rated Motor
  • Efficiency 78%
  • Maximum power output 400 Watts
  • Sustained power output 40-60 Watts
  • Output Neutrik Speakon or Powercon
  • Wing bolts are optional extras


  • Please get in touch for a quote or more information.

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