Our Bicycle Powered Christmas Trees are the perfect engagement activity for the festive season.

Bicycle Christmas Trees can be set-up in any location and can be designed to be left unsupervised in a public area. They are an amazing way to bring themes of green energy & sustainability to Christmas. Adults & children alike are encouraged to interact with the installation by pedalling to power the installation. We can also include hand cranks that can be used by really small children and wheelchair users.

We've previously worked with the Southbank Centre who commissioned us to develop two Christmas trees which used pedal power from bicycles and hand cranks to blow snow all around the tree creating a snow globe effect. The tree was also partially lit by the bicycles and one hand crank powered seasonal poems through speakers placed around the base of the tree. Our Bicycle Christmas Trees have been described as a "spirited, thought-provoking response to the season of contemplation and highlight global concerns about energy and waste, encouraging a hands-on approach to art".


There are many different configuration of Bicycle Powered Christmas Tree possible, from a single bicycle powering a few LEDs to a large custom installation in a public area.