The Friction Generator is designed to generate electricity using a standard bicycle and is compatible with wheel sizes 20″ to 700C/28″ and tyres of varying widths. Most bikes will not require any modification and can be attached and disconnected with ease. 

Ideal if you would like to generate electrcity using bicycles you already have.

Please check with us first to ensure your bike is compatible.


  • Produces unregulated DC electricity
  • Provides a maximum of 400 watts
  • Average power output over a period of time is usually around 40-60 watts per person
  • Comes with 6-8m Heavy Duty Cable and fast connector
  • 200 Watt 24 Volt permanent magnet motor
  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • Weight: 7.5Kg

Can be used with most bicycles, with no modification required. Ideal if you would like to generate electrcity using bicycles you already have.


Scroll down for a set-up video and list of possible applications for the Friction Generator.



  • Cinema/Stage: Get a bunch of these and power a cinema or music stage
  • Appliances: On it's own, it is ideal for low power appliances like laptops, music, lighting and phone charging
  • AC: Mains appliances can be powered when combined with our Mini Power Station
  • Battery Bank: Unregulated output can be used for charging a suitable battery or battery bank
  • Education: The powering of devices with different power requirements can be felt immediately by the bike rider. Great for illustrating power demands and the energy required to power different devices
  • Competition: If used in conjunction with the Power Monitor it provides a competitive element to any event
  • Schools: Perfect for a school outdoor classroom


  • Please get in touch for a quote or more information.

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