Bicycle Powered Cinema

For over five years, Electric Pedals has developed the art of human power in our Bicycle Powered Cinema. The idea is simple: combine the energy generated from members of the audience cyclingto power our cinema equipment; projector, P.A system and media player.

The cyclists become the human batteries; generating the electricity to power an innovative cinema experience like no other.

People love to cycle; whether to keep fit, socialise, commute or relax. You will find children and adults queuing up to watch the film from the executive bicycle seats...there is rarely a bicycle free. The cycle cinema relies completely on real-time pedal power; there aren't any back-up generators or battery banks. When the human batteries stop pedalling, the film stops 'reeling'. Dynamic and communal, audience participation transforms cinema into an immersive and unpredictable performance where the atmosphere is electric. This is the closest thing to live cinema.

We currently offer three configurations of Bicycle Powered Cinema that you can hire:

  • Small Bicycle-Powered Cinema (up to 50 people)
  • Medium Bicycle-Powered CInema (up to 150 people)
  • Big Bicycle-Powered Cinema(200+ people)