hire us: Bicycle-Powered music stage

A music concert powered by the people. What could be more fun?

Our Big Bicycle-Powered Music Stage is perfect for indoor or outdoor live music event and concerts. Our smaller set-ups are perfect for presentations, broadcasts and smaller stages.

Our live music system runs without batteries or mains supply; it is the audience that has to provide all the energy required for the performance.

Pedal power is much more than a cleaner alternative for mains electricity. Bicycle-powered performances create a unique atmosphere in which the audience can dance, laugh and enjoy the music powered by the people! The more people pedalling, the greater volume of music and a higher number of people dancing and having a good time. 

We supply:

  • Up to 30x bicycle generation equipment, scaffold bus boards, power management and power cables
  • Sound system to suit your requirements
  • Technical support staff
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Sound engineer (only if the setup requirements are complex)
  • Microphones and stands, DIs
  • Contingency plan in case of rain. This could be a large marquee or indoor space
  • Staging

Optional add-ons:

  • Need more power? We can add more Bicycle Generators and Bicycles.
  • Hand cranked bubble machines and bubble mix
  • Energy generating concept II rowing machines
  • Hand generators for wheel chair users