Hire Us: Bicycle-Powered Sound Systems & Music Stages

A music EVENT powered by the audience.

Our Bicycle-Powered Music Stages are perfect for indoor or outdoor live music events, concerts and DJ set-ups. Our smaller systems are perfect for presentations, broadcasts and smaller stages while we offer full large scale P.As for outdoor concerts and DJ events.

Our live music systems run without batteries or mains supply; it is the audience that has to provide all the energy required for the performance.

Pedal power is much more than a cleaner alternative for mains electricity; bicycle-powered performances create a unique atmosphere in which the audience can cycle, dance, laugh and enjoy the music as they generate all the power required to keep the P.A alive!

Bicycle Powered Music Stage

Our Bicycle-Powered Music Stage uses the energy generated from up to 30 adults and children pedalling or handcranking. The audience becomes part of the performance, providing all the power for the sound system.

We require no mains electricity; the audience become the human batteries and are responsible for keeping the music alive. ...And the party going!

  • Powered by up to 30x bicycles and/or handcranks suitable for adults or children
  • P.A system suitable for your audience size
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

Pedal-Powered Disco

Over the last year we’ve been trawling friends' attics, charity shops and markets for 70’s and 80’s vinyl records. We now have a fine collection of records with everything from 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles to 'Word Up' by Cameo. Anyone can come along to our Bicycle Disco, choose a record and become a DJ for an afternoon and it's up to you to pick the right record to keep the cyclists going!

There are no batteries or back-up generators; the entire installation is powered by bicycle and . So when the pedalling stops, the music stops allowing the audience to effectively 'vote with their feet'. It's a really great way to get kids involved, especially when many haven't even seen a record before, never mind getting the opportunity to play one!

  • Powered by up to 30x bicycles and/or handcranks suitable for adults or children
  • Add Bubble Machines and/or LED dsico lighting
  • P.A system suitable for your audience size
  • DJ Equipment
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

The BoomBox

Taking inspiration from the iconic ghetto blasters popular in the 1980's, our custom-built Electric Pedals Boombox is a fun and totally unique way to bring music to your event.

The sound system is portable enough to be transported and set up anywhere, yet it is super efficient and relies on the pedal-power of just a single adult or a few school children. Using bluetooth you can access and play your favourite music from your phone, ipod or laptop. Alternatively, hook up a pair of turntables and dust off your 80’s vinyl for the full retro experience.

So whether you are throwing a small rave at a festival or are looking for pedal-powered music at your school event, the Bicycle Boombox is ideal.

Rock the Box!

  • Powered by a single adult or a few children
  • Unique 80's-inspired custom build BoomBox
  • Bluetooth compatible for use with phones etc.
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Plug & Play; Simple set-up & no maintenance
  • Indoor & Outdoor use


We supply:

  • Up to 30x bicycle generation equipment, scaffold bus boards, power management and power cables
  • Sound system to suit your requirements
  • Technical support staff
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Sound engineer (only if the setup requirements are complex)
  • Microphones and stands, DIs
  • Contingency plan in case of rain. This could be a large marquee or indoor space
  • Staging

Optional add-ons:

  • Need more power? We can add more Bicycle Generators and Bicycles.
  • Hand cranked bubble machines and bubble mix
  • Energy generating concept II rowing machines
  • Hand generators for wheel chair users