Nanna's Place debuts at Sunrise Celebration

This weekend we took our latest mad creation to the Sunrise Celebration in Somerset and had a great time with a friendly, family-filled crowd.

Nanna's Place is the latest version of our pedal-powered mobile phone charging service, which comes with the added benefits of a tea shop. It boasts all the eccentricities and comforts of your Nan's living room with a bit of added magic. That magic largely comes in the form of our very own musical ring master, DJ Vincent 1000, who expertly entertains our pedaling customers whilst they charge their mobile phones.

The deal we made with our customers was that if they pedaled they could charge their phone for free and if they couldn't be bothered they could pay us to pedal and top-up their phone charge; we charged 500+ phones). All the excess energy was used to power our sound system. The concept really took off and we were hardly ever short of volunteers to keep the party going. Lots of the kids were simply pedaling for fun - who would have thought unenforced exercise would be so popular?!

It's hard to say whether it went down so well because of the pro-organic, green demographic of the Sunrise crowd or if it was the never-ending cycle of energy conversion that came with feeding people jammie dodgers and hard boiled sweets and then letting them loose on some bikes. We had a couple of people that bartered their skills in exchange for a mobile charge - one guy did some ad lib rapping and another brought his Tarot cards and gave us all a reading.

We're really looking forward to taking this set up to other festivals this summer now and developing it even further, perhaps Nanna could offer smoothies too!? Get in touch if you're interested in having Nanna's Place at your event.