Bearpit Saturday cycle in Cinema

Along with our Free Film Festival partners, we took our bicycle powered cinema St George's shopping centre in the heart of Gravesend to support a programme of activity funded by the Artlands North Kent Commission for the Cyclopark.

It was great to see the faces of shoppers stopping to watch 10 cyclists sweating their way through a series of short films and animations. Most of the audience were local kids, so we ended up putting the main feature to the vote: Bicycle Thieves or more Cartoons? You can guess who won!

The 20 legs managed to generate 410 watt-hours during the event, which according to our calculations would power a kettle for 8 minutes, an electric shower for 3 minutes and WW2 U-Boat Submarine for 1 second!

On the 6th August there's a mass ride to the Cyclopark which pedals off from Unit 31 in St. Georges Shopping centre. Check for details on their site. Bells and whistles a must!