Good Times at Green Man

At 4.15am on 18th August, we packed up our kit and set off for Wales to join our friends in Einsteins Garden at The Green Man festival. We arrived slightly bright and bleary-eyed at 8.00am, just in time for breakfast. Nice touch? Well, this kind of set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

We worked with Sustrans team from Wales to run the Sustran Cycle Shire, a pedal-powered disco and mobile phone charging shop. It was incredibly busy for the whole weekend which we think was down to the winning combination of good music, bikes, fancy dress and providing a genuinely useful festival service. We must thank our man Lenny who, not only brought and put up a hobbit style yurt for Colin to lay his weary hobbit-head in, but also brought a stash of the best 7" records that you could ever hope for. For just one example of the rare finds in his collection, he brought a 1978 tape recording from Notting Hill Carnival. Just brilliant.

The end result was that Sustrans had a great time engaging with people and telling them about all the great cycle networks in Wales, whilst we managed to make £3200 through mobile charging! The profits from this was donated to the mental health charity, Mind. Hooray.

We even managed to persuade The Bleedin Noses (who played on the main stage!) to come and do an acoustic set at the shire. There is video evidence somewhere which we will post up soon!

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