Flash Gordon & the cycle-cinema land on Peckham Rye

Last night was a blast. Despite dramatic cloudy skies and the occasional shower earlier on in the evening, we were joined by a dedicated crowd of outdoor cinema enthusiasts, many of whom cycled to the park especially for the show. It was the second of our large scale pedal-powered cinemas for Peckham & Nunhead's Free Festivals and the film of choice was the cult-classic, Flash Gordon.

We took our bike generators and our maxi-power station to supply power for the DVD player, projector and sound equipment. The chaps from the Free Film Festival brought their kit and an inflatable screen kindly loaned by Future Projections, which was around a third bigger than any other screen used by the festival so far, and Cafe on the Rye stayed up late especially for us and laid on a might fine barbecue and beers. The lovely folks from Wheely Groovy came all the way from Whistable to provide their unique pedal-power disco and even Emperor Ming turned up to have a go on the bikes.

We have to say a special thanks to the crowd that came down and laughed and booed and finished the lines in all the right places. Our hearts were in our mouths a little as we feared the rain might have put people off. And to the dozen or so cyclist who turned up with their much needed bicycles right at the 11th hour; we were certainly please to see you!

We're also chuffed to bits with the photos captured by photographer John Whitfield (shown in this post), who also doubles as a festival volunteer. There's so much talent out there and some super people going to great efforts to bring brilliant free, community events to a space near you. Free Film Festival, we salute you and wish you well with your grand finale of Battleship Potemkin at Frank's Campari Bar tonight.

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