NXD Film Festival: Somerville Adventure Playgound

We had a lovely evening at Somerville Adventure Playground last night supporting the opening night of the first New Cross and Deptford Film Festival (@NXDFilmFestival).

Somerville is a charity/project that aims to provide sustainable, free open access adventure play, for the local community. A space for inner city children and young people to spend their leisure time in safe supervised and supported by responsible adults. It’s a great space and clearly works, the local kids were really great and helped us setup and power things up, playing MP3 through the sound system while showing us a few of their dance moves!

The evening’s entertainment kicked off with hotdogs and popcorn closely followed by an amazing short film called Gloop, a film Project which aims to reduce the use of plastic by highlighting the problems and offering solutions.

Finally, the main feature Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final movie in the Harry Potter series! At 125 minutes that is a lot of pedalling, but we managed to power the entire film without a hitch. It was great to see all the local kids taking it in turns to power the film!

New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival which film out of the multiplex and into the community. Film events will take place in twelve different venues across the borough of Lewisham from Friday 27th April to Sunday 6th May.

The full programme of events can be found here.