Powering Undercurrent at the Tate Modern: Young People's Festival

We worked with artist Jacqueline Passmore to develop bicycle powered Zoetropes and projections inhabit the Tate Modern Tanks for Undercurrent: Young People’s Programme. The public had to pedal hard to power up visuals and project their own views onto the walls of the Tanks to contribute to the discussion around issues that concern young people today.

Tate Modern's Young People’s Programme - Undercurrent, a series of events, installations and interventions by audio, visual, digital and performance artists. Over eleven days the programme invited a diverse range of artists and audiences to explore the relationship and influences of subcultures upon dominant or mainstream culture. At the core is the exploration of the ‘underground’ and the under-represented.

The programme captured the nuances, signifiers and codes of the transference of counter culture, as well as providing participatory and ephemeral art platforms to examine the parallels, contrasts and connections that make or define culture. The Tanks represent a space for new modes of experimentation and participation. Undercurrent, structured and developed for and by young people, re-considers how the exchange of ideas, creative actions, learning and artistic collaborative practices can affect and reconfigure the role of galleries and museums of the twenty first century.

Here is some video of the zoetrope animations which have been projected onto the walls of the Tanks: