Back To The Future with Brent Council - November Cycle Cinema

We had a great evening with the folk of Brent, and Brent Council in the company of Marty McFly and Doc on a beautifully clear and crisp evening in November.  It was a free indoor showing at Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, thanks to all who attended and lent their legs and bikes, and thanks to Brent Council for their hospitality.


Colin and Ben started out explaining a little of who we are and what we do.  Our set-up for the night included 4 adult bikes, a bike for small legs and a 4 metre screen.  No batteries as is our policy - it's a live human power station.


Hard to believe that Back to the Future was released in 1985, but twenty seven years later we found the audience still captivated by Robert Zemeckis superb directing.  The film choice had been a popular one from the start with it winning a massive 54% of a vote run by Brent Council and therefore being selected (Hugo and Thor came a poor second and third!).


We had no shortage of volunteers, the bikes were kept busy and power was consistent.  All left happy and back in the present day - and some perhaps a little sweaty - by nine o'clock.

We got some great audience feedback from the forms distributed by the council, our favourites being; ‘It was fun for the family, exercise and cycling', ‘It made us all think about the energy we use’, ‘Great Community event’, ‘I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere as well as the explanation at the beginning’, ‘the movie was brilliant and wonderful to see people from (the) community looking out for you when you are tired’.

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