Bringing film to the remotest and poorest regions of the planet

After a couple of years of prototyping, we've developed a pedal powered field cinema that can be carried by one person in a rucksack and taken to the remotest regions of the planet to share educational messages using the power of film.

The system weighs about 20kg and can be carried in a rucksack by a single individual.

The following video demonstrates the ease in which continuous power can be supplied to this completely non-battery system using pedal power (albeit in a living room in East London!).


Moving on from the technical details to the more fundamental question - 'Why?'

As we reported back in March with An adventure with Purple Field Productions (PFP), this latest incarnation of the field cinema will be taken to Malawi in the new year and used by NGOs to distribute films and videos for educational and humanitarian purposes.

Furthermore, the team at 4Apes and GAFI are working towards raising the necessary funds to send 10 of these systems around the world to support various animal conservation projects. This project will be launched at the Hope for Apes conference (hopefully hosted by someone very special) in November.

The is one of the most exciting projects we've been involved with to date. There is such huge potential for this innovative setup and as PFP puts it "the moving image is known to be one of the most powerful and memorable means of communication.  In developing countries film shows are always popular and attract large audiences, so in situations where a significant proportion of the population is illiterate, film can be a particularly valuable and effective way of communicating. Even in areas where there is no electricity, the use of a generator and video projector can enable the dissemination of crucial messages on issues such as health and welfare. Provision of information in this way, and the stimulation of debate, can sometimes save lives - and may certainly help to combat stigma and enable people to change their situation for the better."

There are just a few more changes to make before it's ready for the field.... watch this space!