'At the End of Everything Else' at the Unicorn Theatre, London

At the end of everything else

Electric Pedals are now working with the Unicorn Theatre in London on an exciting new show. Directed by Mark Arends, 'At the End of Everything Else' is performed with puppetry, animation, music, sound and only the collective energy of the team on stage to generate ALL the power needed for the show.

When her best friend, a little yellow bird named Tito, goes missing, Icka puts her inventive mind to the test and sets off on a mission over land and sea to save him. But nothing can prepare her for what she finds – a problem that she is unable to fix alone.

This is another exiting theatre project following on from our recent success at the Schaubühne in Berlin. The show open on the 29th March and tickets are available now.

Written and directed by Mark Arends

Animation by John Horabin

Engineering by Electric Pedals