Skate Sunday: Bicycle Powered Roller Disco

Last Sunday, Electric Pedals dusted off their roller-blades and joined forces with Let's Roll at Telegraph Hill Park, returning to the 90s with their Bicycle Powered Roller Disco. Passerbys became cycling-DJs, powering the music through the strength and consistency of their pedalling. As the cyclists generated the tunes, the skaters danced. Some racing round, others performing tricks, and of course, a few of us spectacularly falling over. The Let's Roll volunteer team enabled novices to learn to skate and pros the chance to showcase their moves. Teenagers were whizzing past furiously, amateurs reliving their daring youth, friends gripping onto each other to balance, and children putting their skates on for the first time. Skate Sunday brought the community of New Cross together through skating, simply to have some retro fun in the park in the afternoon sunshine.