Money Supermarket Positive Energy Challenge

We've always wondered if it's possible to cook food using just the energy from people generating their own power, so no batteries, no stored supplemental power, just good old human energy!

Well, with the help of Money Supermarket and Michelin-starred Chef Pratap Chahal the possibility became a culinary reality.

The setup was quite simple. We connector four of our super efficient hub motor bicycles to a 12volt DC / 150Watt travel frying pan. We also included our Watt Meter, which communicated to the cyclists how many Watts they were generating realtime and also to ensure they were generating the required 150Watts.

As the guests pedalled, their energy was transferred to the element of the frying pan - the harder they pedalled the hotter the frying pan got. And to make sure they all got their dinner, they had to pedal together to ensure the pan would stay hot enough for the 5.2 minutes needed to cook it. 

5.2 minutes is also the time it takes to to switch energy tariff with MoneySuperMarket!

Pratap Chahal, to create a special bicycle powered menu, just for the event. Great evening, great food and a pedal powered first for us.... #PositiveEnergy

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