Thank you for your interest in using Electric Pedals for your event. Please fill in the form below with as much information about your event as you can to help us organise and staff it accordingly.

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Event Start Time / Cinema Screening Time (Required)
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Event Finish Time (Required)
Our estimate is usually based on a standard 6 hour event. An additional labour charge may incur if your event is over this duration.
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Your Name (Required)
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Please supply parking details for our van. Length: 5.8m Height: 2.6m If you can not provide a parking space, please can you detail a suitable parking location.
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Cinema Information
If you are booking a cinema with us, we would require information on the following;
Please can you give us an idea of the capacity of your venue or the audience size you are expecting. This will give us a better idea of the size of cinema / number of bikes you will require.
Our inflatable screen will not be suitable for your indoor space. If we need to use your contingency space, will you have a screen available for us to use?
Will there be a screen on location? If so, please give details of size etc.
Do you have control over the lighting in the space? Can we control the rooms ambient lighting? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOUR EVENT IS RUNNING IN DAYLIGHT.
Our preferred media player is VLC. Please let us know what format your film is in. We would rather not use DVDs and we would require a copy of your film at least one week before your event to test it.