Our Bus Board Distributors are used to quickly link up pairs of any of our Power Generators. They also provide a stable platform for people to get on and off bicycles and ensure there are no loose cable.  


  • Modular design means easy setup and arrangement
  • Inlayed aluminium pairs in base of board
  • Super stable base for safe mounting of bicycles
  • Flush profile for easy storage
  • Uses lockable, extremely robust and reliable connectors





  • Quick Setup: Allows fast setup of large numbers of Bicycle Friction Generators and Bicycle Hub Generators  
  • Stability: Because they are arranged in pairs, each person provides a ballast for the opposite person
  • Trip Hazard: No cables to trip over
  • Storage: There are no protruding parts so can be stored easily


  • Support for two Power Generation units.
  • L240cm x W21.5cm x H4.5cm
  • Weight 14.2Kg
  • 2x Inlayed 240mm² Aluminium Bus Bar
  • Sturdy 175 amp battery connector connected via 35mm² copper cable


  • Please get in touch for a quote or more information.

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