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We offer various energy awareness challenges to suit your event. From head to head challenges to single bike set-ups; our challenges are fun, competitive, educational and promote health and exercise.

They are suitable for a variety of environments and are just as popular in an office as they are in the classroom.

Hire a leaderboard into your event for that extra competitive edge!

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Ever wondered how much energy it takes to make a simple cup of tea? Probably not, but that's exactly the reason we developed our Extreme Tea Energy Challenge.

In a head-to-head race, challengers attempt to generate the equivalent amount of human energy required to boil an extremely small amount of water.

Educational and highly competitive, it's a fun and engaging activity that is suitable for adults and children.


We measure the energy generated from each bicycle as the challengers pedal. Each cyclist must generate the equivalent amount of energy that it would take to heat a pre-determined amount of water. (usually between 10-30ml).

A scale of temperature runs between two giant LED light tube 'thermometers' and two Power Monitors display the real-time power output of each cyclist or team, recording the maximum watts achieved and highest temperature reached.

The challengers go head-to-head in an attempt to see who can reach the highest temperature in a given time or who can reach boiling point the quickest. Can you get to boiling point in 30 seconds?

The results of each race are recorded and challengers compete for a Top 10 spot on our Magnetic Leaderboard.


You can hire one of our challenges as a single bike challenge. Maybe space is an issue or you are keen to incorporate your own branding. With the addition of our leaderboard, this can still be run as a competitive challenge.


Extreme tea is available as a brandable single bike challenge. The same rules apply; attempt to generate the equivalent amount of human energy that is required to heat a small amount of water.

Who can achieve the highest temperature in a given time? OR who can get to boiling point in the quickest time?


This can just as easily be run as a Power Challenge where each challenger attempts to generate as much power as they can in a short sprint.

In this challenge max watts is logged and the person who produces the most power, takes the top spot on our leaderboard.


The single bike version is fully brandable and we can supply templates for the unit front, front wheels and leaderboard. All you have to do is apply the artwork to our templates and we will deal with the printing and fitting.



We can customise our equipment to suit your requirements. We have used our Extreme Tea equipment for bespoke events and custom installations.



Add our modified smoothie blenders to the challenge for a an extreme twist on smoothie bikes. Who can get there fruit to 100% smooth in the quickest time.

We supply all the equipment, but the client supplies fruit, materials and a suitable area for preperation.


Our challenge doesnt have to be about boiling water. It is possible to tie it into something else energy related.

Please scroll down to the foot of this page to see some videos from custom installations.

We are happy to discuss your ideas.


You can hire our team of friendly experts to support your event. We provide and manage all the equipment; energy-generating bicycles and our unique power management system with power feedback display.

We supply:

  • Adult & Children’s Bicycle Generators with programmable wheel lights
  • Power Monitors to display real-time watts (head to head only)
  • LED temperature display unit
  • Power Management System
  • Technical / event engagement staff
  • Magnetic Leaderboard
  • Public liability insurance
  • Risk Assessment

You supply:

  • Suitable space to host event. The head to head challenge is relatively tall once erected and stands at around 2.5 metres. Please ensure the event space can accommodate this height.
  • Artwork if branding