Our Extreme Tea Challenge is a fun but active competition where participants cycle to heat the temperature of a kettle to the highest level possible within a set time. In teams of two, the competitors speed as fast as they can together on the stationary bikes to generate electricity to heat the water in the kettle. 

This competition which is similar to our Power Challenge is an engaging & intense activity demonstrating the energy required to power the most basic of human comforts: hot water. Anything that needs heating up requires more energy than you can imagine! This workshop is educational & fun, once you’ve tried it you'll think twice about flicking on the kettle, especially when you realise that your effort has only powered a fraction of what a kettle actually needs to boil water. 

How it works
Two Bicycle Hub Generators are connected to our Watt Meter, our Temperature Tower and the Low Voltage Kettle that will reflect as much energy as you can generate on the bicycles. 

There are two elements of learning to this energy competition. As the participants pedal, our analogue Watt Meter takes real-time readings of how much power the cyclist is generating which is displayed in Watts. At the same time our Temperature Tower begins to light up displaying the rising temperature of the water in the kettle measured by a thermocouple. In teams of two, the competitors have to cycle together for two minutes in an attempt to heat the water to the highest temperature possible whilst also being able to see how many watts they are generating!

© Electric Pedals

© Electric Pedals

We put the name of the persons next to the appliance they’ve ‘powered’ on our popup Energy Banner along with the temperature of the water they've heated in the kettle. Participants will soon see that the 20 degrees they heat the water to, would make a very cold cup of tea and they will want to try and beat their score again and again!

We supply:

  • 2x Bicycles to suit most people 
  • 2x Bicycle Hub Motors and training stands
  • 1x Low Voltage Kettle / Thermocouple
  • 1x Temperature Tower / speaker stand
  • 1x Analogue watt meter / speaker stand
  • 1x Technical / event engagement staff member
  • 1x Power banner / stickers / pens
  • 1x Result Board / chalk
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Suitable space to host event

Costs: Please get in touch for a quote or more information.

© Electric Pedals

© Electric Pedals