Our hand/foot crank is a great way for anyone, young or old, to get involved in generating clean electricity. A simple rotation of the handles will generate anything from 10 to 400 watts of electrical power.


  • Rugged build with a heavy steel frame
  • Produces unregulated DC electricity
  • Provides a maximum of 400 watts
  • Average power output over a period of time is usually around 50 watts per person
  • Uses a lockable, extremely robust and reliable connector.


We can provide a heavy-duty base and height-adjustable stand.




  • Appliances: Ideal for low power appliances like laptops, music, lighting and phone charging
  • Group Power: Can be in conjunction with any of our Generation Equipment to power a sound system or outdoor cinema
  • AC: Mains appliances can be powered when combined with our Mini Power Station
  • Battery Bank: Unregulated output can be used for charging a suitable battery or battery bank
  • Phone Charging: Very popular at outdoor events where main electricity is not available
  • Education: The hand/foot crank is great for illustrating power demands and the energy required to power different devices. The user can feel the difference between devices & their different power requirements. It is a easy mechanism that can be used in educational displays permanent or temporary for children or adults
  • Emergency Power Generation: The hand/foot crank can be used to provide direct lighting, or to power and charge electronic devices


  • Height: 40cm x 25cm x 25xm / Weight 7.5kg
  • IP54 Rated Motor
  • Efficiency 78%
  • Maximum power output 400 Watts
  • Sustained power output 40-60 Watts
  • Output Neutrik Speakon or Powercon


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