Hire Us: Bicycle-Powered Cinema

An intimate & unique cinematic experience!

Our bicycle-powered cinemas are 100% human powered and completely off-grid. All the electricity for the performance is produced by the cyclists. There are no batteries, generators or back-up power sources. Clean, efficient and sustainable; we arrive at each event with no stored power, and leave with nothing.

Having generated their own energy, we hope that people will be encouraged to think about their own energy consumption and hopefully make a small step towards reducing it by changing their behaviour.

Small Bicycle-Powered Cinema

Our Small Bicycle Cinema uses the energy generated from 4-6 adults and children pedalling to provide a cinematic performance for up to 50 people. We require no mains electricity, therefore you can have an intimate cinematic experience in an unusual venue and in the smallest of spaces.

  • Suitable for audiences of up to 50 people
  • Powered by 4-6 bicycles suitable for adults or children
  • Screen: 2.3m wide fastfold
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

Medium Bicycle-Powered Cinema

Our Medium Bicycle Cinema uses 8-10 bicycles and a 4.3m wide fastfold screen and is suitable for audiences of 100-150 people. This cinema size is for indoor use only. For larger outdoor cinemas, you will require our Big Bicycle Cinema.

  • Suitable for audiences of up to 150 people
  • Powered by 8-10 bicycles suitable for adults or children
  • Screen: 4.3m wide fastfold
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Indoor use only

Big Bicycle-Powered Cinema

Big Bicycle Cinema Info Graphic.jpg

Our Big Bicycle Cinema uses the energy generated from 16 bicycles and is suitable for audiences of 150-500 people. We have regularly catered for up to 500 people at some of our events. More bicycles means more power and a 4k lumen projector! Add a subwoofer to the sound system for extra punch.

  • Suitable for audiences of 150+ people
  • Powered by 16 bicycles suitable for adults and children
  • Screen: 6m wide (projection area) inflatable airtight Airscreen.
  • LED voltage display for audience feedback
  • Outdoor use only; We base our quotes on a grass set up on the assumption that we can spike into the ground for the screen support. If your site is not on grass this is not a problem but you will need to arrange for weights.


You can hire our team of friendly experts to support your event. We provide and manage all the equipment; projector, media player, sound system, energy-generating bicycles and our unique power management system with power feedback display.

All you need to do is arrange the film license and supply some event marshalls for the larger events.

We supply:

  • Adult & Children’s Bicycle Generators with programmable wheel lights
  • Power Management System and Energy Feedback
  • Projector appropriate for the audience size
  • PA system suitable for your audience size
  • Macbook / DVD player
  • Screen
  • Technical support staff
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Film and film license (budget up to £150 plus VAT, depending on the film)
  • Event logistics, management, marketing etc.
  • Event marshals if required
  • Suitable space to host your event; Blackout tent, indoor or outdoor space (needs to be quite ambient with no direct daylight)

Terms and Conditions

  • We cannot operate directly in rain due to sensitive equipment.
  • Please check sunset times for outdoor screenings, performances will ideally begin 30 minutes after sunset.


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