HIRE US: Bicycle Power Challenge

Step right up! Test your strength!

Our Bicycle Power Challenge is a test of how many Watts you can generate through cycling. This energy challenge is our version of the classic fairground attraction High Striker where you hit the target with a mallet to show your strength. 

Using a similar set-up to our Extreme Tea Challenge, the Power Challenge is a fun, competitive activity that is suitable for adults and children. This challenge is a great demonstration of how much energy is required to power all the appliances at home that we take for granted. We hope that this challenge will help people reconsider their energy consumption in their own lives in an energetic & exciting way. 

How it works

One Bicycle Generator is connected to a very large resistor (sometimes we use lightbulbs) that will dissipate as much energy as you can generate.

For this challenge we use a scale of Watts for the LED Tower. The Power Monitor takes real-time readings of how much power the cyclist is generating in Watts and the LED tower illuminates to the maximum achieved. The harder each cyclist pushes, the more LEDs will light as each competitor attempts to get to the top!

We put the name of the person next to the appliance they’ve ‘powered’ on our popup energy banner or simply log their maximum watts on our 'top-gear style' Magnetic Leaderboard. Participants will soon see that 500watts would barely keep a vacuum cleaner going and they will want to try and beat their score again and again!

This challenge is also available as a Head-to-Head


You can hire our team of experts and equipment to support your event.

We supply:

  • 1x Bicycle to suit most people (we can supply two, but only one can operate at a time)
  • 1x Bicycle Hub Motor and training stand
  • 1x Mini Power Station 
  • 1x Analogue watt meter / speaker Stand
  • 1x Technical / event engagement staff member
  • 1x Power banner / Magnetic Leaderboard
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Suitable space to host event

SEE OUR bicycle power challenge IN ACTION