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Hire US: Big Bicycle phone charger

have a major event that needs a lot of phone charged by Bicycles? 

Over the last few years we've used our big bicycle phone chargers to keep phones alive at a number of festivals including Bestival, Shambala and Greenman. Using the energy from up-to 18 people pedalling to provide enough power to charge up to 150 mobile phones! This is a great engagement activity for large scale events.


You can hire our team of experts and equipment to support your event.

We supply:

  • 12-18x adult and child bicycle to suit most people
  • 3x 48way phone charger
  • Multi phone adapters (to fit 95% of mobile phones)
  • 1x Vehicle Hire
  • 2x Technical / event engagement staff member
  • Public liability insurance
  • Risk Assessment

You'll supply:

  • Suitable space to host event
  • 6-8 Staff to run the phone charging installation
  • Security if necessary
  • 1x Small Table

Optional add-ons:

  • We can brand the front wheels of all the bicycles
  • Hand generator for wheel chair users.
  • Boombox for some disco tunes to keep the cyclists motivated

Terms & Conditions

SEE OUR Big bicycle Phone chargers in action