The Art of Human Power

Hire Us: Educational Workshop

We can work with a small group to build any of our products as a workshop

Our workshops provide an interactive & physical educational experience for those interested in learning more about the possibilities of human power and alternative energy sources. They are suitable for both adults & children and for different learning abilities. We provide a variety of themes tailored to your educational interests. We can do workshops on bike-powered cinemas, sound-systems, bubble machines, power challenges, almost anything! 

How it works

The workshop usually begins with an introduction to what Electric Pedals does and how our equipment works. The session continues as we build the kit in groups and finish by linking it all together to get it working. Participants can't believe how simple it is, plus you learn the basics of how pedal power can help to generate electricity for a wide range of uses.

We can provide Pedal Power Champion Certificates to all participants so they can take something away which outlines what they have learnt on the day. The workshop ends with the ultimate reward of a bike-powered cinema or disco depending on what we've built that day! 


We supply:

  • The bike-power generation equipment
  • Tools
  • Pedal Power Champion Certificates
  • 1-2x Technical / event engagement staff member
  • Risk Assessment
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Workshop style choice
  • Participants 
  • Suitable space to host event