The Art of Human Power


Fun, interactive and educational energy challenges

We offer power and energy awareness challenges to suit your event. From single bike setups to head-to-head races; our challenges are fun, competitive, educational and promote health and exercise. They are suited to a variety of environments and are just as popular in the office as they are in the classroom.

We offer two challenge set-ups: a Head to Head Energy Challenge, a Power Challenge and a Light Bulb Challenge

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Ever wondered how much energy it takes to heat water?

In a head-to-head race, challengers attempt to generate the amount of human energy required to boil an extremely small amount of water.

Educational and highly competitive; it's a fun and engaging activity that is suitable for adults and children.

How it works:

  • Each person must generate the equivalent amount of energy that it would take to heat a pre-determined amount of water. (usually 5ml for kids and 10ml for adults).

  • The challengers go head-to-head in an attempt to see who can reach boiling point in the quickest time.

  • The results of each race are recorded and challengers compete for a Top 10 spot on our Magnetic Leaderboard.


How much power can a human generate and how does that compare?

Our power challenge is very much like a fair ground high striker; it’s a test of how much power a person can generate in an instance! A great way for someone to feel in their legs what it takes to power everyday household appliances.

How it works

  • Each person attempts to generate as much power as they can in a very short sprint.

  • Maximum Watts is logged and the person who produces the most power takes the top spot on our leaderboard.

  • We compare the cyclists power to the power required for common household appliances.


Feel the amount of energy required to power different light bulbs

It’s something we often taken for granted. We flick a switch and the light comes on; but at what cost?

Our Bulb bike has both LED and incandescent bulbs that can be switched on independently. Comparing new and old technology. You can feel this in your legs as you try to keep the bulbs illuminated.

Educational; it's a fun and engaging activity that allows people to generate lights using their own energy

How it works:

  • Switch between LED and incandescent bulbs as pedal. You will feel the difference between the two types directly in your legs.