the rose

Lumiere, London

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the artist Mick Stephenson on The Rose at Lumiere London.

Lumiere London is the biggest festival of light in London, celebrating the capital's spectacular and iconic architecture. But for many people access to light is a luxury.

Mick Stephenson's installation with Electric Pedals highlights how communities can be transformed by light. This life-size replica of the rose window at Durham Cathedral, made from thousands of recycled plastic bottles transformed into beautiful illuminated art. For Lumiere it was to be powered by bicycles pedalled by members of the public. The interactive installation grew and faded in response to the amount of energy generated by the audience.

Mick Stephenson explores issues of poverty, sustainability and climate change in his works. Filled with bottles designed during workshops with local school children, The Rose asks us to acknowledge the growing need for alternative technologies to support our everyday lives.