Electric Pedals Newsletter, Spring 2017

Hello from Electric Pedals

Spring is here and what a great time to get back on the bike after the cold winter months. We thought we'd take this opportunity to update you on what’s been happening here at Electric Pedals.

What’s new?
A lot has happened since our mailout last February, and 2016 may have been our most ambitious year yet. Along with running our trademark Big Cycle Cinemas all over the country, we continued our work developing, tweaking and building our unique human-powered equipment and experimenting with new ideas and event formats. We returned to the Big Bang science fair in Birmingham for the 4th year running with another innovative new idea; the Extreme Tea Challenge. Extreme Tea is a head-to-head challenge in which two cyclists battle it out in an attempt to boil an extremely small amount of water in a given time. The activity proved such a hit that we have developed it into a popular event hire. It’s a fun, competitive and educational activity with a strong focus on raising energy awareness and reconnecting us with energy; something we all too often take for granted. A great way to engage an audience and add a competitive element to your event.

The Extreme Tea Challenge at the Big Bang Fair Science Fair

We have been involved in some incredible projects and installations to add to our growing portfolio. A collaboration project with our French partners Ludikenergie for the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Morocco saw us build and install what may have been our biggest human-powered installation yet. A grid-tie system which incorporated 96 electricity-generating bicycles and a power management system to deal with the enormous amount of energy produced. Over the course of 12 days, nearly 20,000 locals cycled to export almost 80,000 watt-hours to the Moroccan grid and help power sound system, lighting rig and 7-metre sphere to deliver a powerful message about our relationship with the environment.

Fais tourner Ta Planète in Marrakesh, Morocco

As well as working with corporate clients and large organisations, Electric Pedals has a great sense of social responsibility. We continued our support of community-led projects, safer cycling initiatives and school workshops throughout the year and events with Prudential Ride London, Car-Free Day, Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival and Newcross & Deptford Free Film Festival were just some of the highlights. We were back charging mobile phones for the whole festival site at Greenman Festival in Wales for the 8th consecutive year. We took along our 80's-inspired Boombox sound system and turned our pitch into a full on pedal-powered disco. All without the use of a single battery or generator. 100% disco power.

Blues Brothers screening at the Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival

We are excited to announce that we have resuscitated the Owl project. The Owl started life as a micro-cinema compact enough to fit into a small backpack and operated by a single cyclist. We were approached by Vincent Hanrion, founder of Cinecyclo project who was embarking on a one-man cycle mission around Senegal. His idea was to screen educational films in some of the remotest parts of the country; so remote that some have no access to electricity. This collaboration was the birth of the Owl and Vincent went on to cycle over 3000km around Senegal and successfully human-power over 100 screenings to over 12000 people.

Cinecyclo screening in Senegal using the Owl micro-cinema. Photo courtesy of Vincent Hanrion

A number of similar cinemas are still currently in circulation; making their way around remote villages in Tanzania, Sénégal, Uganda, Malawi, Congo, Madagascar and beyond.
With some feedback from Vincent’s adventure, we have started work on the new build with improved sound and lighter chassis. It will not only sound better, be more powerful and efficient, but will be more portable too. Watch this space for the launch of the Owl mkII in 2017.

The Owl before it's journey to Malawi to support the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

We have continued to develop and experiment with new ideas in the workshop in 2016 and have supplied equipment to like-minded organisations all over the world who share our enthusiasm for human power and energy awareness, bringing communities together and reconnecting people with energy. Our South American partners Efecto Cine now have three Big Bicycle Cinema systems covering Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.

Efecto Cine screening in Chile

Our equipment is all custom built in South London by our small team of engineers so we can easily tailor to the requirements of each individual client. We offer full over-branding options and set-ups to suit your business model or communicate your specific message.

Tool wall in Electric Pedals HQ

Custom Builds
We are regularly approached by creative individuals keen on collaborating or bringing their projects to life using our equipment. This year was no different and we saw our products used to power sewing machines, charge electric cars and light up 14 foot Christmas trees in Belgium. Custom installations for team-building corporate events in Stuttgart, energy conferences in Rio, Brazil and artist residences in the Barbican Centre, London were just some of the other projects we had the pleasure of working on. We love to hear your ideas, see how we can incorporate our equipment into your event and use human power to promote your cause.

Harriet Riddell from InStitchYou sewing our portraits as we pedal-power her sewing machine

To everyone we have worked with over the last few years; we cannot wait to see you again in 2017. And here is to making new connections in the new year.

Interested in getting involved? Get in touch! Better still, pop in for a coffee and a chat!

Keep on pedalling...
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