Using the energy from just one person our Bicycle Phone Charger will charge up-to 8 mobile phones using human energy. 

Options include; unit to charge 8 phones simultaneously or Single Bike Chargers with baskets & X-Grip phone holders.

Brandable front wheel & unit.


  • Wooden frame chassis with polycarbonate window to see electronics!
  • Charges up-to 8 mobiles phones simultaneously
  • Includes 8x 3in1 Universal Charger Cable (Apple/Micro USB)
  • X-Grip Phone holder
  • Bike Basket suitable for flowers, promotional material.
  • Can be powered by any of our generators, i.e. Bicycle Hub Generator, A-Frame GeneratorHand Crank Generator





  • Festivals/Conferences: A great way to engage with your audience by allowing them to charge their phones with there own energy.
  • Charity Events: Many charities have used our phone chargers not only to engage the public at events, but also as a small revenue stream. 


  • 8 Way unit Dimensions: 52cm x 42cm x 42cm (HxWxD) 
  • Weight 6.5kg
  • 2 Farad Ultra Capacitor
  • Efficiency 90%
  • Each USB port has 1.5amp Max Limit
  • Input Neutrik Speakon or Powercon


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