Power meter

The Power Meter is a great way to demonstrate just how much POWER or ENERGY a person can generate and serves a variety of functions.

The dial-face shows real-time Watts while the LEDs can be programmed to display real-time Watts, max Watts and Watt Hours.



  • Well crafted steel enclosure
  • 40cm x 40cm display
  • Integrated LED display
  • Standard 35mm speaker stand mount.
  • Configurable timer  



The Power meter was built to serve two main functions. Used with with any of our Power Generators and our LED display towers, we have created a couple of fun and competitive challenges

  • THE POWER CHALLENGE: The Power Challenge is a simple game in which people compete to see who can generate the most POWER. The dial-face displays real-time Watts as each competitor is generating power and the MAXIMUM Watts achieved is displayed on the LED display once the generating stops.

  • THE ENERGY CHALLENGE: The second function is the ENERGY challenge and is based on ENERGY over TIME. Using the LEDs on the meter to display a stopclock, a time is set and each competitor must attempt as many Watt Hours as they can within the given time. When the clock hits zero, the Watt Hour score is displayed. Can you reach X number of Watt-Hours before your opponent in the given time!?

Add a leaderboard to either challenge for that extra competitive edge.


With real-time power output display, the Power Meter is a great way to educate adults and children on energy consumption and reconnect people to something we take for granted. When used with our custom-made 'You Watt?' banner which displays the Watt output of various common household appliances, we can put our efforts into context. How long can you power a TV or a hairdryer? And how much energy goes into making a cup of tea?


A short video of Electric Pedals team member, Steven attempting to pedal 3 Watt Hours in 1 minute. The Power Meter and LED light tube are programmed to display Watt Hours as the Power Meter acts as stopwatch and real-time Watt output.




  • Maximum input of 50amps for 5 seconds
  • Configurable SD card to set timer and other features
  • Arduino based controller
  • Required 12Volt power supply
  • 1x handle for portability
  • Steel enclosure with a polycarbonate front.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 400mm x 400mm x 200mm
  • Weight 7kg


  • Please get in touch for a quote or more information.

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