Power Management System

Our Proton Power Station manages and converts the energy generated from 1-5 of our Power Generators into 230volt AC or mains power. This is the same system that we use for all of our Small Bicycle Cinemas.



  • Rugged A-Frame Board design
  • Simple layout that can easily be explained
  • Can connect 1-5 Power Generators
  • Uses efficient Ultra Capacitor technology
  • Does not use a battery
  • Standard 13amp socket with 200Watt continuous power output
  • Can be converted for other European sockets
  • Pure sine wave inverter


  • Appliances: Ideal for low power AC appliances like laptops, music, lighting and phone charging
  • Group Power: Can be in conjunction with any of our Generation Equipment to power a sound system or small outdoor cinema
  • Phone Charging: Can we used in conjuction with our Small Phone Charger to power music whie people charge their phone.
  • Education: It a great way to illustrating power demands and the energy required to power different devices. By plugging in different small appliances or bulbs, the user can feel the difference between devices & their different power requirements. 
  • Workshop: We often build this system as a workshop. We can involve up to 10 secondary schools children or adults in this process. It's something we find people really enjoy, being involved hands on in the construction of their own human powered system.


  • All high grade components
  • Dimensions: 85cm x 55cm x 20xm (HxWxD) / Weight 12.5kg
  • 93% conversion of DC to AC efficiency 
  • Continuous power output 200Watts
  • Maximum power output 275Watts for 30mins / 450Watts for 5mins
  • Outstanding overload capabilities of inverter
  • Input Neutrik Speakon or Powercon
  • 58Farad Ultra Capacitor
  • Fused input and output to inverter
  • Pure sign wave AC output (important for some sensitive appliances such as laptops)


  • Please get in touch for a quote or more information.