School Radio Shed

It's been a year and a half since we met Julia Clark, the Head Teacher of Horniman Primary School at Greenman Festival. Julia had this idea to build a bicycle-powered radio station in the school playground. A few months after winning one of three £5,000 prize funds, up for grabs in The Guardian 'Schools We'd Like' competition, Julia's dream came true and the Horniman Primary School Bicycle Power Radio Station was launched!

This is an almost real-time system, so there are no batteries. Instead the pupils have to work together to provide a constant energy supply for the DJ by either pedalling the bicycles or turning the hand crank inside the shed. There is a little amount of storage in the shape of an ultra capacitor inside the shed before the energy is turned into mains power. The teachers plan to use the equipment for science classes and for engaging the children about renewable energy. 

The project was a collaboration between artist Randy Klein, Horniman Primary School Students, Parents and Electric Pedals.

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