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Electric Pedals is a group of individuals with backgrounds in engineering and event management (as well as a love for bikes!) we combine our skills and experience to run this one-of-a-kind events company. We operate from the Bussey Building in Peckham, South East London and take pride in supporting our local community whilst also engaging a bigger audience through our human powered events and workshops.


Combining ideas of sustainability, energy awareness and health & exercise we deliver events with a strong focus on education, community and fun. From art installations and community-led initiatives to corporate events, we tailor our services to meet your requirements and promote your message. With years of experience, we have developed and perfected our own unique human powered energy systems. Because we use the same equipment for our own events, we are just as confident selling our products and packages as we are hiring.

As creative people we thrive on developing new ideas and we will do our very best to turn your vision into a working product.

WHY Electric Pedals

At Electric Pedals we are involved in every aspect of your human-powered event, from initial concept through to development and implementation. We will work directly with your team to advise on anything from materials and location to audience participation. We always install our own products and set up our own events and will be on hand throughout to support your installation.

With a proven track record working with clients all over the UK and worldwide, we offer a bespoke and personal service sharing our expertise, years of experience and creativity.