The CIAO! Ark

An Ark has been created as the centrepiece for a celebration of low carbon living and is entirely powered by green energy – electric pedals cycle power, solar panels and a biodiesel generator fuelled by chip fat collected from the Cowley Road! Children from ten Oxfordshire primary schools have worked with scientists and artists on various aspects of climate science.

The Ark is a spectacular public art installation that showcased visual and performing arts created by 10 schools across Oxfordshire in response to the question – ‘If you were sailing away on an Ark to a low carbon future, what would you take with you and what would you leave behind?’. People were invited to share their ‘positive vision of a low carbon future’ through the exhibitions and performances on the Ark, around which are examples of what children would choose to leave behind in the Sea of Troubles.

Having completed it's residency at Oxford Science museum, the Ark will move to Edinburgh following which Electric Pedals got involved to keep the carbon footprint of the ark as small as possible!