What happened to 2010?

2010 really was a bit of a blur, not least because our man Colin became a Dad for the second time. After Electric Pedals built the Human Power Station for the BBC's Bang Goes The Theory programme things went a little crazy at HQ.

We were inundated with people wanting to learn more about pedal-power and we received loads of interesting briefs and commissions from companies and organizations around the world who wanted us to create bespoke installations for their events. It feels like we've been on one enormous, amazing and, at times, ridiculous journey. We've been to as far as Uganda and Mumbai, the Isle of Wight and even The Big Chill festival (don't mention the ginger wine). We'll be doing our best to update the website with accounts of our many and varied expeditions and experiments over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.

In the meantime don't forget to drop us an email with any questions about the technical stuff or with propositions for wonderful, new adventures... we already have a couple in the pipeline!