The Electric Pedals picture house set to hit Kew Gardens

This Sunday, 27th March, from 9.30am-5.00pm we will be installing our pedal powered cinema at Kew Gardens for a very special Climate Week celebration. We will be showcasing short films about climate change whilst demonstrating our sustainably powered cinema-system.

Using the power from just one one cyclist we can power a DVD player and LED projector which are built into a repurposed guitar speaker amp. This invention circumvents the need for a noisy and oil hungry generator, and is being promoted with GAFI to charities and NGOs in developing countries to take educational video footage to remote communities who have little or no access to an electricity supply.

For this weekend only, it will be transported into the quintessentially English King William’s Temple, which overlooks the Mediterranean Garden, a lush and unusual setting. The structure lends itself perfectly to becoming a tiny picture house complete with wooden bench seating. This will offer a unique experience to not only to see the cinema-system in action, but also absorb thought-provoking films about the erosion of our natural habitat whilst surrounded by some of the most beautiful examples of our green planet.

Electric Pedals will be showing a range of content including a film made in-house at Kew especially for Climate Week which shares some basic but commonly misunderstood facts and figures about plants and the climate. Also included on the rosta are animations and shorts from the brilliant Do The Green Thing to inspire behaviour change and a selection of talks on the environment kindly donated by the Do Lectures for this event.

This event will also provide a platform for Beyond The Brink, an impressive documentary made by 18-year old, Ross Harrison, which tells the story of his year long quest for the truth about climate change including interviews with experts, Sir David Attenborough and Mark Lynas.

All visitors to Kew Gardens of all ages are welcomed to come along and have a go at powering the cinema, without volunteer cyclists it won’t be possible!