We lit up the Royal Albert Hall with WWF

Yesterday was a huge day for us, as we set up 60 bikes and generators to light up the exterior walls of the Royal Albert Hall during WWF's Earth Hour.

Sadly the sun did not shine for us but that didn't dampen our spirits as we built our second largest ever pedal-powered installation. We worked closely with creative agency Knifeedge to power two HMI twin Lamp projectors each requiring 9 amps of power each. These were used to project animations created especially for WWF for this event featuring their beloved panda mascot and other creatures. This kind of energy hungry set-up was required to make an impact on the side of such a grand building which has dark brick walls (these aren't great for projecting onto). A cherry picker was brought in to cover some of the key windows with white paper for better results. In the end we were really pleased the effect and hear the activity got covered on channel 4 news as well as being featured in the Metro. Judging by the look of the cyclists who pedaled steadily for the full hour it was hard work, so we'd like to say a massive thank you to all of them from us.

We used cable ties to attach a small blue LED light (usually used for dolls houses and miniature models) to the back wheel of each bike to create a beautiful circular shape as everyone pedaled. It looked ace.

We curved the rows of bikes to fit the contours of the building and take advantage of the triangular car park space provided by the Royal Albert Hall. The aerial view shows this off best.

Now, whatever can we do next...

p.s. huge thanks to my sister tanya @ Plastic Machining Services for dropping everything to make our bits and pieces on time!