Pedal-Powered Picture House at Kew

As part of the Climate Week activities we were invited to set up our pedal powered cinema at Kew Gardens. With the pick of venues from across the whole site we decided that King William's Temple was most fitting.

In the shade of the temple structure we closed off the windows and draped the door with red velvet to create our very own pop-up cinema slightly off the beaten track in Kew. We showed a selection of films including short animations from Do The Green Thing and Kew's own film made especially for Climate Week. We also had the very brilliant documentary, Beyond The Brink, donated by Ross Harrison, but unfortunately powering the cinema felt a little bit too much like hard work for Sunday visitor's at Kew and no-one quite managed to pedal for the full 40 minute show time! It was a real treat for us to spend the day there and we were joined by around 250 people, so we hope we spread a little bit of magic to those that stumbled upon our hide-away cinema.

A small selection of photos are up on Flickr now.