An amazing evening watching 'UP'

Even though it was freezing, hundreds of people descended on Telegraph Hill Park last night to see Disney’s UP, and all powered by their own bicycles!

This was the penultimate evening of the New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival, taking film out of the multiplex and into the community. Film events have taken place in twelve different venues across the borough of Lewisham since Friday 27th April until Sunday 6th May.

After local children launched their very own flying houses as a part of an arts project at the New Cross People's Library, we showed the fantastic short film ‘Gloop’, “... a dark fairytale that follows the meteoric rise of plastic from its inception in Leo’s gloomy laboratory 100 years ago”.

As usual we arrived with no stored energy, so we are not only 100% reliant on people bringing their bicycles, but also cycling them for the duration of the film. There was no shortage of volunteers and never a free bicycle... this might have been because it was freezing! It was lovely to see so many children with their parents at the event, so it was a good job we had plenty of little bikes set out for them to pedal. One Dad in particular was so keen to make sure his little ones didn't let the side down he kept running from his bike down to where they were pedaling to give them a quick pep talk and encourage them to pedal faster.

Telegraph Hill Park offers magnificent views of London, so we decided to climb a tree for a better look!

Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Most of all thanks to those of you who braved the cold to come along and support your local community.