World's first outdoor ENERGY gym

I know we're always banging on about 'world firsts' for projects we're involved it; but here is another innovation supported by Electric Pedals: So we've spent the last two years quietly helping The Great Outdoor Gym Company develop a new range of cardio equipment that captures the energy from exercise and makes very good use of it.

Called the 'Hull Green Heart', the human-generated electricity is stored during the day and used to light the gym at night-time. The idea is to extend the usage of the facility into the evenings. Furthermore, people working out can see just how many Watts they are generating as well as how much energy has been generated since the gym was installed.

It's a great concept and what's more is FREE from anyone to use. No turnstiles, no electrically powered gym equipment, no televisions .. it really is 100% sustainable which is why we HEART it.

The Green Heart in Hull also features Chief Medical Officer guidelines, scales, height measure, BMI index measure to encourage the local community to take those first steps towards healthy living – it’s all about wellness and forms part of TGO’s Responsibility Deal work with the Department of Health.