The Bussey Building welcomes Electric Pedals

For the last two weeks at Electric Pedals we've rolled up our sleeves and unleashed some macho DIY aspirations as we've waved goodbye to our garage workshops and moved to EP's new home: The Bussey Building

The Bussey Building, a converted Victorian cricket bat factory, is a thriving artistic community, with studios, workshops, galleries and cafes tucked away off Rye Lane. There's even a skate park and roof top cinema! Through a narrow, inconspicuous entrance and down the rabbit hole, Bussey is an industrial wonderland waiting to be explored.

Electric Pedals has been relocated to the 'The Tank', self-named after the diesel tank we discovered hidden behind the walls. We've knocked a few walls down, stripped and jet-washed entire rooms and let the light through the windows again. We've built mezzanines, we've grinded tank doors, and we've finally begun to see the transformation after many a hard day's work. But this is Electric Pedals's playground. We love to discover urban secrets, get our hands dirty and welcome new challenges. So Bussey, we're ready...but first to the roof top bar, I think we deserve it!