Yorkshire Festival of Cycling: Tour de France

On Saturday 5th July, thousands gathered at Harewood House to watch the ceremonial start of  the Tour de France as part of Yorkshire Festival of Cycling. As the cyclists entered through the park, their anticipated arrival sent reverberations of applause throughout the crowds. Young children climbed to shoulder-top view points, photographers prepared for quick over-head shots, and those of us over-excited stood on tiptoes, stretching for a royal glimpse as the race officially began. As the Red Arrows flew over, trailing red, white and blue, we looked forward to sunset. For that night, Electric Pedals would screen the premiere of 'BICYCLE' to an audience charged with sporting enthusiasm.

Produced by Pip Piper and Directed by Michael B Clifford,  ‘Bicycle’ is a heart warming and insightful length documentary film about the history and impact of the bicycle in Britain. ”Bicycle” asks the question why is cycling and the bicycle back in fashion? Why the current Zeitgeist? The film explores these themes and tells the story of cycling in the land that invented the modern bicycle, it’s birth, decline and re birth from Victorian origins to today. 

While the sun set behind Harewood House and the mists rolled through the valley, some keen audience members got back on their bikes and powered our cinema into the night. With 22 bicycles, our enthusiastic volunteers realised just how much energy it physically takes to generate a cinematic experience. As the film finished the day ended as it had begun: with a wave of applause throughout the audience in appreciation of our own athletes. And so, as we look forward to screening 'BICYCLE' at further locations, I will close with Pip Piper's own words of praise:

It was great working with Electric Pedals for our world Public Premiere. They were brilliant in the execution and management of the event and it really does draw out all age ranges and genders to participate. [...] How appropriate!