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In a head-to-head race, challengers attempt to generate the amount of human energy required to boil an extremely small amount of water.

Educational and highly competitive; it's a fun and engaging activity that is suitable for adults and children.



Our power challenge is very much like a fair ground high striker; it’s a test of how much power a person can generate in an instance! A great way for someone to feel in their legs what it takes to power everyday household appliances.

DAY HIRE (inc. staff)

  • Energy Challenge - £950

  • Power Challenge - £800

+ transportation costs


  • Equipment hire charged at 50% of initial hire cost

    + staff sustenance & accommodation (if applicable)


  • 3m x 3m minimum space required



Bicycle Phone Charger

Our single bike chargers are great for corporate events.

All the electronics are housed, out of sight, in the front basket and our X-Grip phone holders will safely accommodate almost all phone types.

Fill your basket with flowers, promotional material or whatever else takes your fancy.


8-Way Charger

Use a single bike to charge up to 8 phones simultaneously.

Plug in and play! Because this system is so easy to set-up and use, it is ideal for dry hiring. .

Alternatively, you can hire our team of experts to support your event.


  • Single Bike Charger - £350

  • 8-Way Charger - £400

*Please note, this is a DRY HIRE cost and does not include staff to run your event. You can collect the equipment from our London workshop or we can charge for delivery/installation/collection.


  • There will be an incremental charge for each additional bicycle hired and each additional hire day


  • 8-Way Charger will require a table or unit to raise from the ground

  • A standard bicycle has a footprint of around 2m x 1m


BoomBox Sound System (1 of 1)-3.jpg


Our Bicycle-Powered Sound Systems are perfect for indoor or outdoor live music events, concerts, discos and DJ set-ups. Our small systems are perfect for presentations, broadcasts, community/school events. Our live music systems run without batteries or mains supply; it is the audience that has to provide all the energy required for the performance.

Pedal power is much more than a cleaner alternative for mains electricity; bicycle-powered performances create a unique atmosphere in which the audience can cycle, dance, laugh and enjoy the music as they generate all the power required to keep the music alive!


Our bicycle-powered cinemas are 100% human powered and completely off-grid. All the electricity for the performance is produced by the cyclists. There are no batteries, generators or back-up power sources. Clean, efficient and sustainable; we arrive at each event with no stored power, and leave with nothing.

Having generated their own energy, we hope that people will be encouraged to think about energy consumption and, hopefully, even make a small step towards reducing their own every day energy consumption.

We offer three cinema set-ups: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE

The cinema set-up you require will depend on audience size and whether your event is indoors or outdoors.

DAY HIRE (inc. staff)

  • Small Cinema / Music - £1,050

  • Medium Cinema / Music - £1,600

  • Large Cinema / Music - £2,100

+ transportation costs


  • Equipment hire charged at 75% of initial hire cost + staff labour an expenses


  • Film license (budget up to £150 plus VAT, depending on the film)

  • Event marshals (large set-ups only)

  • Suitable space to host your event e.g Blackout tent, indoor or outdoor space (cinema needs to be quite ambient with no direct sunlight)




The ‘Photon’ is a 100% human powered micro-cinema with built in power management system and sound. Suitable for small audiences, classrooms, corporate events or pop-up cinemas in obscure places. Upload short films to the internal media player with a USB stick and the cinema auto-starts when the cyclist starts to generate.

Suitable for audiences of 20-30 people.

BoomBox Sound System (1 of 1)-3.jpg


The Boombox sound system is portable enough to be transported and set up anywhere. With two subwoofers and two detachable high-end speakers, it packs a punch! Yet it is super efficient and relies on the pedal-power of just a single adult or a few school children. 

Bluetooth compatibility means you can play your favourite music from your phone, ipod or laptop.


  • Micro-Cinema - £600

  • Boombox - £550

*Please note, this is a DRY HIRE cost and does not include staff to run your event. You can collect the equipment from our London workshop or we can charge for delivery/installation/collection.


  • Equipment hire charged at 75% of initial hire cost + staff labour an expenses


  • 4m x 3m minimum space required




  • Charged at £85 per day

FUEL TARRIFF (Round Trip from SE15 3SN)

  • 0-100 miles - £0.75 per mile

  • 100-200 miles - £0.65 per mile

  • >200 miles - £0.55 per mile


  • £2.50 per hour worked


  • £80 per night per staff member

OVER-TIME (There will be an over-time charge for any working days longer than 12 hours)

  • Approx £15-25 per additional hour per staff member


  • London Congestion cCharge - £12.50 per day

  • Motorway tolls - There may be a charge if we are required to use any toll roads

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding out Bicycle Powered Cinema.

If you have a question that is not listed below, please get in touch via our contact page.


Does it have to be dark for the cinema?

For a cinema event, YES. If outdoors we would advise screening half an hour after sunset. Please check sunset times before booking. For indoor screenings it is important to have control of the rooms lighting. Any windows, skylights or fire exists may compromise the image on screen.

What do we provide?

We provide all the kit including power management, bicycles and A/V equipment. All you have to do is provide a suitable space for us to set up. If you are booking a cinema, you will be responsible for arranging the film license.

Where do I get a film license?

Please contact for details.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance and a 100% safety record.

Do you need power?

Our bicycle-powered cinemas and challenges are 100% human powered. We do not require mains electricity or generators and we leave no lasting footprint on the environment.

How do you secure the screen?

We base our quotes on a grass set up on the assumption that we can spike 4x 600mm anchor stakes into the ground for the screen guy ropes. These stakes leave no significant damage to the ground. If your site is not on grass this is not a problem but you will need to arrange for suitable screen weights. There will be a hire charge if you would like Electric Pedals to organise ballast.

Can we screen anything before the film?

Of course. We often screen our own bicycle-related short films. We are happy to run any advertising/promotional content you may have or show any short films if you supply us with them before the event day.

Can we play music before the event?

We always bring our own music and playlists but you are more than welcome to play your own music. Just bring along your phone or Ipod and plug into our system. We can accommodate DJ/live music set-ups for pre-screening engagement. You are responsible for the PRS license.

What if it rains?

We will not operate in the rain or strong wind. Therefore, we strongly recommend you arrange a contingency space in case of adverse conditions.

What about wind?

We can screen in wind speeds up to 25knots. Above that and we will have to take the screen down for health and safety reasons.

Do we pay in advance?

We take 50% deposit before your event to confirm the booking and 50% after the event, no late than 30 days.

Do you give refunds?

If you have to cancel or reschedule we will try and give a full or partial refund providing you give us enough notice and we can re-book that date.


Thank you for your interest in using Electric Pedals for your event. Please fill in the form below with as much information about your event as you can to help us organise and staff it accordingly.

Please include a short descripton of your event.
Event Start Time / Cinema Screening Time (Required) *
Event Start Time / Cinema Screening Time (Required)
Please confirm the start time for your event. If you have booked an outdoor cinema, this will need to be 30 minutes after sunset.
Event Finish Time (Required) *
Event Finish Time (Required)
Our estimate is usually based on a standard 6 hour event. An additional labour charge may incur if your event is over this duration.
If your event is running over multiple days or you have any other timing issues, please include any information here.
Your Name (Required) *
Your Name (Required)
Please include the full address and postcode for your event.
Is there any restricted access to your site i.e. park gates, narrow entrance, height restrictions?
Where can we unload? Can we unload where we are setting up? If not, we would require to know the distance between our unloading and setup. Can we park for free while we unload?
Please supply parking details for our van. Length: 5.8m Height: 2.6m If you can not provide a parking space, please can you detail a suitable parking location.
Please enter organisation name and full address for invoice and Purchase Order number if you have one.
Please give details.
Please include anything else about your event you think we should know or be aware of.
Cinema Information
If you are booking a cinema with us, we would require information on the following;
Please can you give us an idea of the capacity of your venue or the audience size you are expecting. This will give us a better idea of the size of cinema / number of bikes you will require.
Our inflatable screen will not be suitable for your indoor space. If we need to use your contingency space, will you have a screen available for us to use?
Will there be a screen on location? If so, please give details of size etc.
Do you have control over the lighting in the space? Can we control the rooms ambient lighting? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOUR EVENT IS RUNNING IN DAYLIGHT.
We will require a Blu Ray hard copy of your film at least one week before your event. If you are screening your own content, we will require any files prior to your event to test compatibility etc. Our preferred media player is VLC.

Looking to hire Electric Pedals for an event or installation?

Our Dry Hire costs assume the collection and return of our equipment from our workshop in Peckham, London. We also ask that you visit us at the workshop first so you can see how the kit fits together.

If you are looking to hire bike powered equipment with staff, the amount of staff required will depend on the scale of your event. We will deliver, set-up and manage your event. The only thing you need to do is get volunteers pedalling! 

The prices below are for the event hire ONLY and are based on a standard 6 hour event. Extra charges may incur for longer event durations. These costs do not include expenses or additional costs such as accommodation or toll/parking charges that may be required to fulfil your event.

If your event is a custom build or install, there may be charges for any additional programming, building and/or labour costs involved.


Get in touch if you would like a detailed quote for your event. Please include location, event timings, how many days hire and your expected audience size/footfall.


1 Day Dry Hire 













1 Day w/Staff


£1050 - £1450 (depending on size)

£2200 (audience size: 200+)

£925 - £1150 (audience size: 50)

£1550 (audience size: 150) indoor only






£575 (not including ingredients & materials)


Terms & Conditions: 

  • The above prices are for a single day event ONLY and are based on a standard 6 hour event.
  • Collection for dry hire is from SE15.
  • Dry hire equipment will be charged at 25% of the initial cost for any additional days hire.
  • The above prices do not inc. VAT, transportation, vehicle hire, staff sustenance, accommodation (if required), labour for additional days or over-time. 
  • We prefer not to operate directly in heavy rain due to sensitive audio and video equipment. Therefore, please ensure you have a contingency in case of inclement conditions. 
  • For the Big Bicycle Cinema, we can supply a 4m wide screen that can be used indoors.
  • Additional costs might incur if we have to hire ballast weights for the inflatable for hard-standing locations. 
  • We can offer discounts to registered charities and non-profit organisations.
  • All events are covered by £5 million Public Liability Insurance.

To discuss bookings or for further information, please get in touch.


Looking to run your own Pedal-Powered events? Here is a list of everything you need to get started. Click on each product to learn more.

Please give us a call or pop into the workshop to discuss your requirements so we can advise you on what you need to power your events.



Power Generation


Handcrank w/ base



Bike Friction Generator

Bike Hub Generator w/ Training stand

Power Distribution

Bus Board

Power Management

The Proton Power Station

The Quark Power Station

Price Per Unit













Display Units

LED Voltage Display Tower

Watt Meter

Cables & Connectors




Terms & Conditions: 

  • The above prices are for single units only.
  • These prices do not inc. VAT (UK buyers) or posting and packaging.
  • Shipping costs are based on volume. Exact amounts are required before we can supply a quote. All equipment will be shipped from London, UK or can be collected from our workshop.
  • Orders will be subject to additional costs if installation/set-up is required.


For further information on any of our products, please get in touch.

Service Hire and Sales Terms and Conditions


a. Definitions
This Contract is for the hire of items and accessories (“Equipment”) and the sale of ‘resale’ goods (“Goods”) detailed overleaf, and the parties to the Contract are:
i. The person, firm, company or other organisation hiring the Equipment and/or purchasing the goods (“Hirer”).
ii. The Electric Pedals Experience Limited (Registered No. 08130783) with registered offices at 182 Ivydale Road, London, SE15 3BT (“Electric Pedals”).
iii. Any condition deemed invalid will not affect other conditions. Nothing in the Contract is intended to limit a consumer’s existing legal rights.

b. Extent of Contract and Cancellation
The Contract is not assignable and is effective when Electric Pedals accepts the Hirer’s confirmation. Electric Pedals reserves the right to charge for cancellation. Cancellation within two weeks of event date require 50% of the total invoice. Cancellation within one week of event date require 100% of the total invoice. 

c. Termination
Electric Pedals may terminate the Contract and repossess Equipment without affecting any rights to recover monies due, damages for breach of contract or other remedies where the Hirer is in breach or is involved in insolvency or liquidation proceedings.

d. Ownership of Equipment and Goods
Equipment hired remains the property of Electric Pedals at all times. Ownership of Goods purchased transfers only when full payment is received by Electric Pedals .


a. Basis of charging
The stated hire charges laid out within the Quotation are for the duration of the Contract and include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. The amount of any deposit or charges are detailed in the Quotation and are based on the current Electric Pedals price list.

b. Transport charges
Delivery and collections including attempted calls are chargeable. If Equipment is not available or only partially available for collection then the Hirer will be charged for each journey.

c. Deposits
Deposits are set by Electric Pedals at amounts reasonably required and will be offset against any monies due. Where a Deposit is required for the Equipment it must be paid by the Hirer upon confirmation of the hire and before the commencement of the hire period. In the event that deposit amount exceeds the total monies due, balances will be refunded by cheque or BACS transmission within 7 business days.

d. Cleaning and damage repair
The Electric Pedals will pay for required cleaning, breakages and damage repair.

e. Loss of Equipment
Electric Pedals will treat Equipment not returned or available for collection by the end of the agreed hire period, including any agreed extension to said period, as lost. The Hirer will pay a penalty charge for Equipment replacement and revenue loss. Hire charges accrue until full settlement is made.


a. Payment Terms
Should Electric Pedals grant a credit account to the Hirer then payment of any charges or any other sums due under the Contract, including VAT where applicable, shall be made in full cleared funds within 30 days of the date of invoice or within 30 days of the end of the hire period whichever falls latest. We require 50% of the full payment two weeks prior to the event date, and the remaining 50% to be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice or within 30 days of the end of the hire period whichever falls latest. When a credit account has not been granted, payment of any charges or any other sums due under the Contract shall be made at the point of order for the Equipment or Goods. Payment by the Hirer on time under the Contract is an essential condition of the Contract. Payment shall not be deemed to have been made until Electric Pedals has received cleared funds or cash.

b. Invoice Queries
The Hirer should notify Electric Pedals of any queries concerning invoices in writing within 14 days of the invoice date. Electric Pedals will not grant an extension to credit account payment terms for unresolved invoice queries that have been notified after 14 days have elapsed from the invoice date.

c. Overdue Accounts
Should any portion of an account fall overdue then the total account will become due on demand. The Hirer will be liable for reasonable legal charges incurred by Electric Pedals in the recovery of amounts due, Equipment and/or Goods. In addition Electric Pedals may charge interest in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988 at Bank of England base rate plus 5% and/or may suspend further services to the Hirer.

d. Credit Limits
Where Electric Pedals has granted a credit account to the Hirer, Electric Pedals may set a reasonable credit limit. Electric Pedals reserve the right to terminate or suspend the Contract if allowing it to continue would result in the Hirer exceeding his credit limit or the Hirer has already exceeded his credit limit.


a. Inspection and receipt of Equipment and Goods
The Hirer will sign to acknowledge receipt at delivery/handover. Shortages must be agreed and noted on the Contract/delivery document. Equipment defects should be reported to Electric Pedals immediately by telephone.

b. Delivery/collection of Equipment and Goods
The Hirer will provide adequate delivery and collection access. Equipment transported in the Hirer’s own vehicle is at the Hirer’s risk.

c. Security of Equipment
The Hirer accepts responsibility for Equipment security until its collection by or return to Electric Pedals and undertakes not to sell or relinquish possession, alter, repair or modify it in any way.

d. Safe use of Equipment and breakdown procedure
The Hirer is responsible for the safe and correct operation of Equipment (conforming to relevant legislation and the Electric Pedals operating and safety instructions supplied) by competent persons not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and for its constant supervision within the range of children. The Hirer will immediately notify Electric Pedals of any Equipment breakdown or shortcoming without attempt at repair. The Hirer will ensure any non-Electric Pedals Equipment used in conjunction with or attached to Equipment also conforms to safety requirements.

e. Return or collection of Equipment
The Hirer must ensure that Equipment is returned or ready for collection by the agreed date and time. The Hirer remains responsible for the Equipment, and in particular its security, until collection or return.

f. Lost or stolen Equipment
The Hirer agrees to insure Equipment on a full replacement basis against the risks of loss, theft and damage beyond economic repair and on demand to pay to Electric Pedals any insurance claim proceeds. This liability is without prejudice to any Electric Pedals rights under the Contract. Replacement equipment purchased with insurance claim proceeds is the property of Electric Pedals.


a. Hire rates
Electric Pedals will maintain the agreed hire rates for the duration of the Contract.

b. Safety and operating instructions
Electric Pedals will provide appropriate written and/or practical instruction in the safe and correct operation of Equipment.

c. Testing and inspection of Equipment
Electric Pedals will comprehensively test all electrical Equipment before commencement of hire. Equipment will be inspected and tested where appropriate in accordance with relevant statutory requirements and if Equipment needs to be recovered from the Hirer for such purposes Electric Pedals will substitute items of the same or similar specification.

d. Delivery and collection
Electric Pedals will deliver or collect Equipment at the agreed time and date wherever possible.

e. Returned Goods
Electric Pedals will arrange an appropriate credit where the Hirer returns in unused condition Goods sold for use with Equipment.

f. Limitation of liability
The liability of Electric Pedals for claims made by the Hirer does not extend to any unforeseeable financial loss caused by late or non-delivery of Equipment and/or Goods, unsuitability, breakdown, stoppage or lawful repossession. Subject to the above Electric Pedals will be liable for negligence or error in the performance of its obligations under the Contract.


The information you provide will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be used by Electric Pedals. We may want to contact you from time to time about other products or services available from us. We will never release your contact details to other companies without prior consent. If you do not want to receive further contact from us then please notify us by email: 


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